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Vietnam seaport system: There are many limitations to be overcome

January 12, 2017 - View: 1022

VPA report by the Chairman of the Association Le Cong Minh present said: The volume of imported / exported through the ports of VPA in 2010 to about 154 million tonnes, of which about 6.5 million TEU containers up 18% over the previous year. Port No. 5, due to the formation of deep water port in the region of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, the shift shipping activities using large ships out of the Ho Chi Minh City on 30% / year and is expected to reach nearly 1 million TEUs through the deep water port in the quarter I/2012.

However, the status of competitive devaluation in the deep-water port under the pressure of the carrier is causing financial difficulties for investors. In the northern region, container is higher than the southern region in 2008 (28%) but reduced the following year, to 10% and 2%. Caused by the flow in shallow, inefficient small boat transport, traffic congestion and the formation of deep-water ports to attract cargo inland in the south.
In 2010, 56 member associations have 4 ports output of 10 million tons, 2 ports output of 5-10 million tons, 17 port output of 1-5 million tons, the average port 2 , 9 million tons / year. About half the port growth in the past year.
VPA also made the comment for the ports in each region. In the deep water port of Cai Mep - Thi Vai, the large container ship route connecting Vietnam with North America and Europe has been formed and is in the exploration phase to develop up market scale and higher frequency.
In the North, due to channel many years without maintenance so exhausted increased transmission costs for shippers, ship owners and reduce the investment performance of the port of Haiphong area. Design flow in Dinh Vu port for 20,000 boats, but only now reached a depth of 10,000 ships.
As for the Mekong Delta (Delta), the port of Can Tho and Cai Cui port hub. Project Dinh An improved flow through the Quan Chanh Bo canal vessels and 10,000 tons at a cost estimated at $ 198 million was launched in late 2009. However, due to the old stream not invest dredging and renovation of new channels extending cause major difficulties for ships leaving the ports on the Hau River. In addition, road transport increased on routes connecting the delta port number 5 has significantly reduced the amount of cargo through the port (MD) in the past few years.
To address the weakness, at the 2011 Annual Conference of VPA, members mainly discuss a solution to overcome the existing limitations of the ports. It is the relationship between VPA and agencies needs to be established by increasing the ability to coordinate, solve common problems of specific ports, faster and more efficiently, and link with relevant industry associations to address the joint work of the maritime community. In addition, the association should further strengthen cooperation with ASEAN ports and international levels in order to create conditions for active ports economic integration and development of quality human resources.
At Forum Annual Meeting 2011, VPA raised a number of recommendations in order to create favorable conditions for the ports activities and development: Complete infrastructure management mechanism for each port area, early development planning logistics, multimodal transport with foreign competition, sync port development planning with transport planning roads, bridges, canals.

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